Dinge des Wissens - The Pictorial Section

The Pictorial Section

When Johann Wilhelm Zschorn (1714 –1795), court clerk of the City of Celle, donated his collection of paintings to the University of Göttingen, he did so under one condition: not to sell the paintings, but rather to keep them 'public and undivided'. Although they were originally stored at the private residence of the art historian Johann Dominicus Fiorilllo (1748–1821), the paintings probably first found their way into the museum building in 1805. Part of the paintings holding also included the extensive collection of prints and hand drawings from the Frankfurt patrician Johann Friedrich von Uffenbach (1687–1769), which, among other things, contained works from Albrecht Dürer, Lukas Cranach The Elder and Rembrandt. As early as 1736, Uffenbach had bequeathed the collection to the University in his will.