Dinge des Wissens - Fossils, Stones, Minerals

Fossils, Stones, Minerals

Stones, fossils and minerals made up the most comprehensive group of objects in the Academic Museum's collection. Even before its founding, private stone collections already existed in Göttingen, for example, that of Johann Heinrich Graetzel (1691–1770), a Göttingen cloth manufacturer. Samuel Christian Hollmann (1696–1787), professor at the Georgia Augusta, brought his extensive mineral and fossil collection to Göttingen in 1734. The philosopher and natural scientists had done intensive research on the remains of large mammals from the Ice Age, like the woolly rhinoceros. In 1777, the mineral collection of the mineralogist Johann Christoph Schlüter (1767–1841), as well as minerals from the collection of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), were taken on.
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