Dinge des Wissens - The Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

With over 2,400 objects, the 'Animalia' collection comprised the Academic Museum's second-largest group of objects. For the medical scientist Blumenbach,
the collection represented the most interesting 'part of all natural history', as the worth of the objects was immeasurable for comparative anatomy. All kinds of mammals, birds, amphibians and fish, as well as animal skeletons and malformations were among the collected objects. Objects from the human body were classified in the mammalian category. Particularly in his work "Abbildungen naturhistorischer Gegenstände" [Illustrations of Objects of Natural History], Blumenbach wrote detailed descriptions of rare animals, accompanied by pictures. The Ice Age mammoth, the rare blind amphibian Proteus anguinus and the lethargic sea snail Trochus lithophorus are among the animals he collected or annotated.
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